Musei D-Italia

CRICD (Centre for Inventory, Cataloguing and documentation activities) manages functions of analysis, research and organization on cataloguing and documentation (Regional Law n. 80/1977).

The Centre entertains contact and liaisons with Soprintendenze, peripheral organs of the Assessorato Regionale Beni Culturali (regional authority for cultural heritage), with national central istitutions that have same task.

MuseiD-Italia is a national project of Ministry for Cultural Heritage and activities, funded by the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation with the strategic Plan e-Government 2012. The project creates an integration area in CulturaItalia portal and with local archives, guaranteeing the interoperability between the databases. Sicily region has joined this initiative in the September 2010. CRICD has coordinated and developed the activities.

The goals of project are: to increase the knowledge on Sicilian cultural heritage, to valorize sites and collections, to provide scientific informations.

The users can search and compare works from collections of several museums, find informations about sites (history, address, time, ticket…), consult the catalogue. The works are cataloged according the rules of Central Institute of the Catalogue and Documentation.

You can look for place, on the map, for subject, collection, word or phrase.